#6: Equipment Reinstallation

#6: Equipment Reinstallation

All electrical harnesses, hoses and mechanical devices from the old chassis are reinstalled on the new chassis. This step also includes the following:

● All chassis wiring is to be in conduit or looms and grommets are installed at all locations where wiring goes through metal or comes into contact with any hostile surface.
● A completely new HVAC system is installed with new hoses and AeroQuip fittings utilized to connect the rear HVAC system to the OEM system at its optimum performance locations, per chassis manufacturer guidelines. (*New HVAC system comes standard with all of our remounts, we never reuse any HVAC parts. We also install a Bottom Mount Condenser on all remounts for added cooling capacity in the summer time).
● The new HVAC unit is installed at an equal or greater capacity than the existing unit. Prior to charging the air-conditioning system, the air and moisture will be removed from the system using a vacuum pump for a period of 60 minutes. Afterward, the system will remain within one inch of mercury for one hour (in order to reach the highest state of vacuum that can be achieved by the pump). Then the air-conditioner then will be recharged to recommended pressures prescribed by the chassis manufacturer.
● All electrical harnesses and switches are installed per chassis manufacturer guidelines and chassis body builder (QVM) specifications.
● Spotlights, siren, console, etc. are reinstalled and connected for driver convenience and safety.
● All suction and oxygen apparatus (if removed) are reinstalled in good working condition and thoroughly inspected.
● A new boot (watertight access) will be installed in the front module opening connecting the rear window of the chassis. (The material we use for the boot is a neoprene rubber accordion style for longevity and flexibility.)
● New bumper mount or behind the grille speakers are installed into the front of the chassis. New Whelen grille and intersection lights are installed.
● Any damaged interior upholstery can be replaced. Popular upgrades are complete new Vacuum formed seat cushions and back rests. These cushions have no seams which lowers the risks of trapped contaminants. Also, a new Attendant seat can be installed. Right are before and after photos of the interior of an ambulance remount.

(Left: Before, Right: After)








● All interior aspects such as formica, trim, cabinets, locks, hinges, gas-shocks, etc. are inspected and replaced to with equal or higher grade parts.
● Floor covering is replaced with Lonseal material. Various colors and textures are available.

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