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Whelen 900 Series LED Lights

Largest LED lights offered by Whelen. Heavy-duty surface mount, wide angle LED’s with redesigned spreader optic lenses fill the lighthead evenly with light, rivaling strobe in intensity but with all the advantages of LED’s

Super-LED® Scenelights feature 12 diode models are comparable in intensity to existing halogen scenelights. 24 diode models compare to H.I.D. models.

  • Why Whelen 900?

    • Encapsulated modules shrug off moisture, salt, chemicals and road shock
    • Good for 100,000 hours of service duty
    • Exceed SAE specifications for the brightest, most effective signaling capability available.
    • All of Whelen’s LED Lights include a five year unconditional HDP heavy duty professional warranty.
    • Mounting options are available for purchase separately.
    • Unique patented internal and external optic design
    • Require no balasts, burn just as bright as HID lights and are more reliable.
    • Burns cool with no risk of melting or excess heat.
    • All electrical parts are coated and protected from the elements.
    • LED style lights do not produce any UV waves or radiation.
    • HDP® Heavy-Duty Professional 5 year warranty.
    • 9SC0ENZR are certified to meet KKK 1822F / AMD Standard 024 requirements.
    • Instant “On”, no warm-up or high current voltage spikes on start up.