#5: Remounting Module

#5: Remounting Module


The module is remounted onto the new chassis using the same overhead slings as described in Step #2: Demounting.

During this phase …

● New seals between the module and chassis frame are installed using materials equal to the original seals. The module will NOT be welded to the chassis frame at any point. Type III chassis’s are mounted to the module, Type I chassis’s have an accordion boot between the chassis and module.

● New high-strength bolts (at least grade no.8 ) are installed in place of the old mounting bolts. Chassis materials and rear bumper hardware are installed at a quality equal to those removed in the demounting process. All fastening bolts are secured at proper torque specifications.

● All fuel filler necks and lines to standard fuel tanks are installed according to current FMVSS regulations and chassis manufacturer guidelines. (This may result in the relocation of some fuel filler necks.)

● Doors are re-installed onto the module. Any defective door hardware is replaced. New door seals are installed on the door & jamb side.

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