Ambulance Remounts

Select-Tech specializes in Modular Ambulance Remounts:

A modular ambulance remount involves a number of steps designed to restore your truck to its original level of mechanical operation and safety. Select-Tech is a completely custom remount facility, each remount is treated individually. The extent of repairs and upgrades is based upon the customer’s requests. The following is a remount based on minimum requirements.

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#1: Pre-Remount Inspection

Step #1: Pre-Remount Inspection Before the inspection, all carry-on equipment is removed from the module and a thorough inspection is performed to evaluate any non working components. (Radios, inverters and other mechanical devices will need to be removed before the … Continue reading

#2: Demounting Module

Step #2: Demounting Module We remove the module body from the old chassis using overhead slings, taking special care to not bend, damage or disfigure the structure. Also during this phase … ● All HVAC and electrical harnesses connecting the … Continue reading

#3: Electrical Console

Step #3: New Electrical Console While the module is being painted, we prep the new chassis with a new front console and switch panel. This picture shows our standard Type I console (splatter paint finish). The electrical system from the … Continue reading

#4: New Chassis Preparation

Step #4: New Chassis Preparation Preparing your new chassis involves a number of aspects, including: Mounting “Outriggers” with rubber isolators are installed along the frame of the chassis for mounting the new module. This creates and isolation between the aluminum … Continue reading

#5: Remounting Module

  The module is remounted onto the new chassis using the same overhead slings as described in Step #2: Demounting. During this phase … ● New seals between the module and chassis frame are installed using materials equal to the … Continue reading

#6: Equipment Reinstallation

All electrical harnesses, hoses and mechanical devices from the old chassis are reinstalled on the new chassis. This step also includes the following: ● All chassis wiring is to be in conduit or looms and grommets are installed at all … Continue reading

#7: Final Inspection

After the remounting and re-installation of all accessory equipment, we’ll complete a final inspection form for each item tested prior to remount. (All electrical system components on the module and chassis that were operating before the remount will be working … Continue reading

Optional Services

Your remount can involve cosmetic services to restore the interior and exterior appearance of your ambulance. These enhancements may include: – Completely repainting the module with PPG single stage urethane paint system. – Upgrading all lighting to LED. – Install … Continue reading